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Suspended Ceiling for “La Bottega” Restaurant

The suspended ceiling in honeycomb cardboard meets the requirements of standard suspended ceilings, while also representing an eco-friendly choice for all businesses seeking to add a touch of “green” to their venue without sacrificing the visual impact of a design-oriented project.

Ristorante La Bottega
Lille, Francia

A modern and dynamic suspended ceiling, which instead of hiding, furnishes the space and becomes a characteristic design element.

cardboard suspended ceiling

We are in Lille, France, where together with a group of architects, we have renovated an Italian restaurant, La Bottega, located in the heart of the French town.

Specifically, we looked after the design, production and assembly of the restaurant’s suspended ceiling, made entirely of honeycomb cardboard.

We therefore designed modular panels measuring 60×60 cm and inserted perpendicular interlocking cardboard forms in the bottom part visible to the public.

A project that confirms the versatility of cardboard and proves its validity as a building material.

When choosing to create a suspended ceiling, different needs come into play such as, for example, improving the thermal or acoustic performance of a venue, inserting customised lights or hiding ceilings with exposed systems and piping.

However, current materials such as plasterboard and mineral fibres are not recyclable or are otherwise difficult to dispose of.

Hence we designed the suspended ceiling in honeycomb cardboard: a design-driven product that aims to offer an alternative and eco-friendly solution to all businesses seeking a touch of green for their venue.

honeycomb cardboard ceiling panels

In addition to being fireproof, moisture resistant, lightweight and easy to assemble, the cardboard used is also a sound-absorbing material.

A key feature to take into account, particularly for suspended ceiling installations in bars or restaurants, where background noise can often be unpleasant and negatively affect the customer experience.

In the restaurant industry, acoustic comfort is in fact now considered one of the most important aspects in determining the success of the business. Customers increasingly prefer more intimate and cosy venues where they can enjoy themselves in company without having to raise their voice to communicate, or be disturbed by other noise in the room.

The empty spaces characterising the inside of the honeycomb cardboard panels serve to limit the echo in indoor settings, thus guaranteeing high acoustic performance.

Cardboard is perfect for cutting and punching using simple and common tools such as a box cutter, making it easy to insert sophisticated lighting systems with a high visual impact.

For the suspended ceiling of the La Bottega restaurant, we made cylindrical lamps out of cardboard scraps from former projects.

Larger lamps can also be inserted, such as those in the Vizi wine shop in Terni, or even downlights such as those at the Officina dei Saponi stand.

Using a multifaceted material such as cardboard, our projects offer ample room for customisation to best satisfy all customer needs.

sustainable suspended ceiling for restaurant

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