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We Need Weed Exhibition Stand

An eco-friendly stand custom-designed to promote and assist the company’s participation at the trade show. Its modular nature makes it perfect for companies that regularly exhibit at trade show events and need a portable, compact and easily transportable exhibition stand.

We Need Weed
Arena Berlin

A stand design resulting from the synergy between sustainable and functional design: the compact shipping format complements its purpose, proposing a valid alternative that addresses practical mobility needs.

The first prototype of a materieunite portable exhibition stand capable of optimising transport volumes.

We created an entirely eco-friendly portable exhibition stand for the company We Need Weed, focusing the design study on the logistics of the stand and possibility for customisation.

The selected material is a fluted honeycomb cardboard which is strong, sturdy and lightweight, allowing high-quality performance. It is also flameproof and 100% recyclable.

It is designed for all those companies that regularly participate in trade shows and exhibitions, who need a portable stand that’s easy to assemble, quick to take apart, and practical to store or transport to another exhibition space.

The dismantled stand fits on a pallet measuring 800×1200 mm, offering a compact and unitary solution. This, paired with the stand’s modular design, enables consistently simplified assembly and disassembly operations, as well as simple and efficient portability.

The portable exhibition stand designed for We Need Weed covers a surface area of 9m2.

In the event it needs to be adapted to a larger space in the future, the stand can be enlarged by simply ordering new modules to add to the composition. Just like building blocks.

In addition to the practical aspect, there’s also a sustainable one. In logistical terms, using a single loading unit helps lighten the so-called supply chain and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

Definitely standardised, but at the same time personal and exclusive. Colours, lights and images recall the brand’s pop style. The stand’s modular assembly means plenty of freedom and improvisation. The furniture elements can be moved around at the client’s will.

Honeycomb cardboard is an excellent material for customisation. In addition to being able to choose its colour, it is also printable on both sides thanks to UV technology.

In this case, the modules used to build the stand have been cut from black-coloured panels, while for the furniture elements, a natural cardboard colour was selected.

We wanted the stand to feature the We Need Weed logo as well as various graphics inspired by the company’s website. We placed a hinge at the centre of the logo so that it could be folded and fit onto the pallet.

We designed shelves that can be freely fitted and positioned on the walls as a product display support.

Some of them have a hole in the base to insert LED tubes, the colour of which can be customised by applying gelatin sheets.

We also designed cardboard hooks on which to hang the T-shirts designed by the company.

In the portable exhibition stand design, the counter and bench serve as functional elements. The counter is made from three layers of honeycomb cardboard, guaranteeing a sturdy and durable support surface. It can also be lifted on one side allowing access to the stand’s interior.

The bench is designed for client meetings, but also as a storage space. The bottom section is in fact made of expandable honeycomb cardboard and can be pulled out and used to store helpful materials.

L’allestimento si completa infine con il pavimento in Linoleum®, un materiale ecosostenibile che contribuisce ad arricchire l’offerta di elementi personalizzabili che costituiscono l’allestimento. Se ne può scegliere la tonalità oppure creare disegni geometrici come nel caso dello stand che abbiamo realizzato per Bottega della Barba.

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