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Sirca Modular Exhibition Stand

An eco-friendly solution that supports the company’s environmental and ethical mission. The portable modular stand is made of honeycomb cardboard. It can be customised with UV direct printing and reused in different contexts by adding or removing modules.

Pordenone, Italia
customisable cardboard panels for exhibition stands

The number of companies opting for eco-friendly trade show installations is steadily growing. A decision that frequently coincides with a declared sustainable vision, resulting in a sensitive dialogue with the products on display.

This is precisely the case for Sirca — a nationally and internationally established Italian company in the paints and resins sector — which turned to the HENRY & CO. design and communication agency — specialised in sustainability and the circular economy — to present its brand at the SICAM trade show in Pordenone, the International Exhibition of Components, Accessories and Semi-Finished Products for the Furniture Industry.

“Sirca S.p.A. is committed to placing respect for the environment at the heart of its work, every day: a modus operandi that translates into a shrewd choice of primary materials, reduced energy consumption, development strategies aimed at lowering atmospheric emissions and the continuous search for low-impact solutions, seeking to extend the life cycle of products.”

modular and portable cardboard exhibition stand

The modular, portable exhibition stand in recycled and recyclable honeycomb cardboard is designed with a view to reusing the structure and reducing energy consumption during all stages of production and use.

With the shared intention of creating an eco-friendly solution, HENRY & CO. commissioned materieunite to develop the stand for Sirca.

Il progetto utilizza un modello già impiegato per altre realizzazioni, come ad esempio per Vetpartners o Officina dei Saponi: una tipologia di stand modulare progettato interamente in cartone alveolare che garantisce una portabilità ottimizzata in fase di trasporto, sostenibile sia a livello ambientale che economico.

All the modular components can in fact be stacked on a standard 800×1200 mm pallet for compact transport, thus reducing both CO2 emissions and shipping costs.

With a view to future re-use, the stand size can also be adapted to suit different contexts thanks to the addition of new modules or removal of existing ones.

The stand thus becomes an enriching element bearing a strong brand identity. A customisable space where the products on display find their natural place in a consistent and credible layout.

Stakeholders are welcomed in a reliable space that maximises the value of the brand and displayed products.

The stand developed for Sirca offers customised display areas: the eco-friendly paint samples, measuring 30×30 cm, are placed on movable shelves similarly made of honeycomb cardboard and accentuated by an integrated LED lighting system. The three-dimensional company logo stands out on the central panel, customised by UV direct printing.

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