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Sana 2022 Exhibition Stand

A tailor-made, eco-friendly stand for trade shows and events, 100% recyclable and a magnet of attention, an essential characteristic in ensuring a successful trade show experience. The design positively characterises the stand in terms of its perception and welcoming feel, encouraging potential clients to come and meet the brand.

Sana Bologna
Customised cardboard exhibition stand

The stand for Sana 2022 is a custom project made of 100% recyclable cardboard.

Sana – the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products – is held every year and brings together operators in the organic food, natural cosmetics and green lifestyle industries.

The stand we developed for this year’s edition in partnership with Arti Grafiche Celori and Printaly fits into this scenario as a tailor-made, eco-friendly installation for trade shows and events.

A narrative architecture that combines sustainability and design.

The stand was created specifically for the event, aimed at presenting an innovative exhibit capable of drawing attention to itself, a necessary characteristic for a successful trade show experience.

The visual concept underpinning its design is the image of a canyon: the cardboard shapes are fitted together to support the self-supporting structures, creating the typical walls of a rocky environment. The space in the middle is left open like a walk-through valley inviting visitors to explore the stand.

The modular geometries typically used for this type of stand therefore take a step back, leaving the scene to the forms arranged in a unitary and harmonious design. A layout that positively characterises the stand in terms of its perception and welcoming feel, encouraging potential clients to come and meet the brand.

The stand is made exclusively of honeycomb cardboard. Its versatility is once more demonstrated by a sensitive structure with a high visual impact using a fireproof, recycled and recyclable material.

It is an easy-to-process material allowing utmost design freedom, making use of advanced parametric systems and curved lines that develop within the structure, creating fluid and variable dynamics.

Design intended as creative expression is thus manifested with a sustainable approach. The unique stand is appreciated not only for its original volumes, but also its material component, making it 100% recyclable.

The organic structure integrates the functional elements of the exhibition stand.

The stand’s practical elements are incorporated into the structure without interfering with the clean design. Storage room has been created in the end part of the stand, with hidden access. The product display shelves are freely positioned on the walls by means of an interlocking system.

Even the lighting is hidden between the cardboard forms. The material’s warm tones are complemented by the meticulous lighting design, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

The counter, which is situated on the stand’s side entrance, lightens the structure and provides somewhere to lean during client interactions.

Una soluzione senz’altro differente rispetto alla proposta presentata al Sana lo scorso anno. Le dimensioni dell’allestimento di 32 m2 sono le stesse, cambia il concept che promuove l’unicità della struttura e dona un valore aggiunto allo stand. Un progetto creativo strutturato che comunica con carattere e che allo stesso tempo tiene insieme aspetti funzionali e di sviluppo sostenibile.

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