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Concept Store Sana 2021

materieunite presents a completely eco-friendly modular concept store at Sana 2021.

Sana Bologna
concept store made of cardboard tubes

The stand developed for Sana 2021 in collaboration with Printaly is showcased as a proposal for a temporary store made entirely of recycled and recyclable cardboard.

It is an eco-friendly and modular store that can be readily erected in other locations in different sizes to accommodate new space requirements.

This type of installation is ideal for trade shows, events, but also temporary stores (pop-up stores) or in the event of plans to move a store from one location to another.

honeycomb cardboard counter

A practical, functional and cost-effective solution that delivers on the promise of a design with a high visual impact.

The flexuous forms of the 136 recycled cardboard tubes are used to build the structure’s roof and perimeter. The large openings lighten the architecture, placing visitors in relation with the stand.

The counter is positioned inside, made of honeycomb cardboard. The structure is covered by an extendable honeycomb panel, a type of elastic cardboard that be pulled out to allow access to one of the hidden compartments in which to place useful material.

To cover the counter surface, we used Linoleum® by Tarkett, a world leader in innovative and eco-friendly flooring solutions. This material enhances the potential of our designs, making the furniture elements water-resistant and more resilient.

The same material is also used in the flooring and “Linea” armchair by materieunite, customisable in various colours thanks to the use of Linoleum®.

The lighting is hidden thanks to the aluminium LED profiles incorporated into the tubes and arranged on the shelves.

L&S was our partner for the lighting system. An Italian-born company with production and sales facilities in the US and Germany, ensuring efficient consulting and logistical support for foreign clients.

Their innovative lighting systems are custom-designed to highlight the different aesthetic and functional characteristics of each product and enhance their display.

The Printaly packaging display turns out to be an explosion of colour. The prints printed on natural paper selected by the company offer eco-friendly packaging solutions in line with the stand’s ethical values.

sustainable trade fair stand

The modular concept store thus satisfies the practical and economic requirements of a contemporary retail fit-out.

A real-life example? As we tell you about this project, we’re heading to Turin to participate in Graphic Days® 2021, the ten-day festival dedicated to visual design. We will be exhibiting with the same stand, downsized from 32 m2 to 20 m2.

honeycomb cardboard temporary shop

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