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Packaging Première Stand

The portable modular stand presented at Packaging Première 2022 in collaboration with Arti Grafiche Celori and Printaly is a practical, functional and highly customisable product by materieunite. Honeycomb cardboard and Linoleum® become valuable surfaces for creating custom stands that reinforce the brand’s visual identity.

Packaging Première Milano

Packaging Première is the exclusive exhibition dedicated to luxury packaging held every year in the city of Milan.

We participated in the event, presenting a portable modular stand in collaboration with Arti Grafiche Celori and Printaly, two firms with whom we share part of the work space in our headquarters in Terni.

The offer generated by the synergism between these three companies fully meets the needs of enterprises that decide to participate in exhibition events and choose to do so sustainably, with a focus on quality: eco-design installations, packaging made with recycled and recyclable paper, sample books, customised catalogues and brochures.

A portable modular stand is a practical, functional and highly customisable product.

Rapid design times, reduced shipping volumes, practical assembly and dismantling operations, and the possibility for re-use in all contexts are the main features of the portable modular stand designed by materieunite.

Moreover, as we saw in the We Need Weed and Vetpartners projects, the possibility to customise the installation with direct printing on the materials is yet another added value.

The stand’s creative concept was designed as a visual translation of CMYK, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key black, and which defines the colour generation method used in all printing technologies

The Linoleum® floor is split into four colours representing CMYK and is the starting point for the stand’s entire construction. In fact, even the walls and ceiling in honeycomb cardboard take on the same colours, creating monochromatic stripes with a strong visual impact inside the stand.

A customisable fit-out that doesn’t go unnoticed and makes the brand stand out in the exhibition space.

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