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Gala Cosmetics Modular Stand

The modular exhibition stand for Gala Cosmetics is made up of a system of modular panels in honeycomb cardboard. It is customizable, easy, and quick to assemble, particularly suitable for large-scale setups.

Gala Cosmetici

On the occasion of Gala Cosmetics’ presence at the Cosmopack 2023 event, materieunite has designed and created an eco-sustainable, easy, and quick-to-assemble modular exhibition stand.

The exhibition system is designed to speed up the assembly and disassembly operations of the stand, thanks to modular panels in honeycomb cardboard that allow for the quick assembly of the structure without the use of special tools.

It is a solution designed for those who need to set up large spaces and want to save on time and costs related to the assembly. The cardboard modules, larger in size compared to those previously used for other setups such as the modular stand for Sirca, for example allow for the rapid construction of any type of wall, backdrop, or partition required for the exhibition.

Furthermore, the fact that they are made of honeycomb cardboard, a lightweight and resistant material, makes the construction of the modular stand even simpler and more functional during the setup phase.

A modular stand suitable for customisation.

In addition to the functional aspect related to construction times, the modular stand designed for Gala Cosmetics offers another advantage: the possibility of customization through the choice of cardboard color available in three colors: white, black, and kraft as well as through direct UV printing of custom graphics, capable of reinforcing the brand’s visual identity.

The modular cardboard panels for exhibition stands are the ideal support to communicate the brand’s values by incorporating slogans, images, or detailed descriptions of the products and services offered. In this way, despite its modular and standardized nature, the exhibition solution ensures a unique, customizable, and tailored display of the brand’s needs.

Sustainability of the setup in support of the company’s mission.

Gala Cosmetics is engaged in the production of natural cosmetics and certified organic cosmetics, creating formulations with at least 95% of natural raw materials.

The company’s commitment to improving the quality of life for all individuals involved in the well-being industry through the affordable offering of natural and sustainable products is supported in the exhibition context by the setup created by materieunite.

The exhibition stand is indeed an eco-sustainable design product, made exclusively with recycled and recyclable materials: honeycomb cardboard, Green Cast®, and Linoleum®. The entire lifecycle of the setup is optimized to ensure a low environmental impact, from design to production, consumption, and post-consumption.

The stand can be reused simply by adding or removing modules based on the dimensions of the new space to be set up, and once dismantled, it can be 100% recycled to enter the production cycle of new forms.

All these features allow the setup to support the brand in communicating its values related to environmental sustainability and transmit them to visitors at the fair in a consistent, immediate, and effective manner.

Eco-friendly furnishings and exhibition solutions.

The modular stand designed for Gala Cosmetics also incorporates functional areas for exhibition and visitor reception.

The products are displayed on the shelving and central counter, both made of cardboard and cut in the shape of a leaf to reflect the company’s logo. The counter’s countertop displays are covered with transparent Green Cast® showcases, illuminated by LED profiles hidden inside recycled cardboard tubes.

As for the spaces for welcoming and meeting with clients, the exhibition stand includes an open area for the public with seating and tables made of honeycomb cardboard, and a private space for meetings defined by modular walls in honeycomb cardboard and transparent Green Cast® panels.

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