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Generative Circularity at LubiCa 2022

Generative Circularity returns in a new exhibition context. Following the Fuorisalone, the installation takes shape in the Galleria del Palazzo Ducale in Lucca on the occasion of LubiCa 2022. The same modules in honeycomb cardboard are reconfigured to meet the new space requirements.

ATI Project
Lucca Biennale Cartasia
Generative Circularity at Lubica 2022

Generative Circularity on display at LubiCa – the biennial exhibition of art, architecture and design in paper and cardboard.

Following the Fuorisalone 2022, Generative Circularity returns to a new location.

The installation takes shape in the Galleria del Palazzo Ducale di Lucca as part of the indoor section of Lucca Biennale Cartasia (LubiCa) 2022, the international event dedicated to Paper Art held from 31st July to 25th September.

Generative Circularity at Lubica 2022
Generative Circularity

A unique, repeating module that can be joined via an interlocking system allows the development of bio-inspired forms that change depending on where they are installed.

Generative Circularity is a dynamic installation – developed in collaboration with ATI Project – which investigates the possibilities offered by digital and parametric design to develop circular, regenerative structures that can adapt to different contexts.

The selected construction material is honeycomb cardboard, one of the most circular materials thanks to its recyclability and minimal energy required for its production.

A project highly consistent with the main theme of the 11th edition of LubiCa, “La Pagina Bianca” (The White Page), intended as an experimental space with infinite creative possibilities, to imagine a different future and better world.

Sustainability thus becomes the common goal of a design-driven and artistic research project sensitive to contemporary issues. Lucca Biennale Cartasia 2022 offers a space for reflection in which artists, performers, designers and architects are called upon to reflect with a different perspective towards the future. At the same time, Generative Circularity encourages discussion on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) issues, exploring innovative solutions with a low environmental impact.

Generative Circularity at Lubica 2022
cardboard installation at Lubica 2022

Cardboard summarises the sustainable approach underlying the concept of Generative Circularity, in a perceptible and material form.

The mechanical properties of this material reinforce its structure, making it both durable and resistant.

The dry interlocking system used to fit the modules together allows assembly without the need for polluting adhesives. A system that not only makes the installation 100% recyclable, but also facilitates assembly and dismantling operations to move the installation to new locations.

The replicable nature of Generative Circularity is thus manifested through the set-up at the Galleria del Palazzo Ducale, a space that required a study on the installation’s new form, “also taking scenic variables into account such as daylight and shading throughout the entire event”, explains ATI Project.

The configuration presented at Fuorisalone 2022, at the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia in Milan, is completely transformed – despite using the same modules – according to the needs of the new space.

The progressive advancement of the structure along the entire surface of the Gallery creates a suggestive atmosphere, “a plastic representation of a moment that crystallises space, time, history and design.”

cardboard installation

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