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“Vizi” Wine Shop

Energy, harmony and lightness contribute to creating a practical and organic space. The project for the “Vizi” wine shop in Terni speaks of innovation, but also the land and roots. A fit-out that follows the principles of ethical and sustainable design.

Enoteca Vizi
cardboard wine shop set-up

Circular materials combined with curved lines in a new, eco-friendly space.

Imagine being able to create a space, to define its lines and contours in total freedom, with an eye to the environment.

We want to take you through what the “Vizi” wine shop project in Terni meant for us. A project close to our hearts, because it bears an unusual scent. It speaks of innovation, but also of the land and roots.

Three materials were chosen for this project, our favourites in terms of excellence and sustainability: cardboard, dominant throughout, and FSC-certified Corrugated Cardboard, consisting of 80% recycled pulp and 20% virgin fibre. It is completely recyclable and biodegradable.

We decided to combine it in the space with Linoleum® Black and Extralight Tempered Glass, both materials originating from an upstream recovery and recycling process, once again 100% recyclable.

Energy, harmony and lightness contribute to creating a practical and organic space that aptly responds to the needs of the point of sale.

We chose to create a fluid and soft fit-out that calls up the sinuous forms of the wine bottles without overburdening the space.

The perimeter shelving, used to display the bottles, was developed through a skilful play of cardboard modelling and cutting. This allowed us to create special and dedicated surfaces best able to accommodate the products for sale in the shop. Practical, but at the same time sophisticated forms to create a pleasant display that catches the customer’s attention.

We also wanted to use Linoleum® alongside the cardboard on some of the shelves. The Linoleum® Black #098 by Tarkett, a world leader in innovative and eco-friendly flooring solutions, is by far the material that best meets our needs. 100% natural and recyclable, it is produced by one of the most virtuous industrial processes in the world. For this specific project, it is used to make the surfaces impermeable to liquids and improve the strength of the cardboard.

eco-friendly cardboard shelf

Working with cardboard gives us incredible freedom in designing our projects. Proof of this can be found in the counter designed for the Vizi wine shop.

Cardboard is extremely simple to work with, model and assemble. Which is precisely why it is considered a versatile material capable of meeting a range of needs, including those in design and architecture.

The central counter we designed for this fit-out is characterised by soft, undulating forms. It implies movement within a space where the customer feels free to move.

Here, it is paired with 12mm Extralight Tempered Glass, infinitely 100% recyclable. It gives the counter an elegant and light appearance, while also providing a large, smooth and stable support surface, perfect for wine tastings or to house additional displays.

cardboard lamp

Lastly, we’d like to tell you about the lamp designed for this space. According to our philosophy, a good design must be functional and meet different technical needs while aiming for harmonious aesthetics.

This served as the basis for the design of the lamp that extends lengthwise from the counter to the ceiling, with the electrical wiring hidden inside.

Albeit with its own distinct integrity, the sinuous lines resemble those of the entire structure. It is a warm light, with an enveloping form, which draws visitors into the space.
An effective decorative solution that fulfils its strive for efficiency.

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