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Vetpartners Portable Stand

Easy transportation and practical assembly. The portable modular stand designed for Vetpartners Italia stems from a desire to improve the client’s exhibition experience and create a customised stand that can be reused and adapted to new spaces.

Vetpartners Italia
Congresso Unisvet Milano

Eco-friendly, easy transportation and practical assembly.

The solution designed for this stand stems from a desire to improve the client’s exhibition experience by creating a portable modular stand that can be reused and adapted to new contexts.

Based on this notion, we developed the stand for Vetpartners Italia for the XVI International Conference organised by Unisvet at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa Hotel.

The portable modular stand – as the name suggests – is based on the idea that the honeycomb cardboard modules used to build the walls can be stacked one on top of the other, laid on a standard pallet measuring 800×1200 mm, and compactly shipped.

Questo sistema, come nel progetto che abbiamo realizzato per l’azienda We Need Weed, ci permette di ottimizzare al massimo i volumi di carico, con una conseguente riduzione delle emissioni di CO₂ ed un notevole risparmio sulle spese di spedizione.

It is the ideal solution for those who regularly participate in foreign trade shows or events far from their headquarters. Indeed, setting up a stand at the exhibition site can often be quite complicated, which is precisely why we designed a portable modular stand that’s easy to transport and cost-effective.

Through a system of interlocking modules, the stand can be assembled and dismantled with one’s own two hands, without the need for any special tools.

In addition, if the stand needs to be reused for different exhibitions, modules can either be removed or new ones added. This allows a gradual investment for participation in future trade shows, making it easy to switch from a small-sized stand to a larger one without needing to start from scratch.

The honeycomb cardboard and Linoleum® allow the stand to be customised with the brand’s colours.

The materials chosen for this stand are flameproof white and sand-coloured honeycomb cardboard, and yellow and white Linoleum® to cover several surfaces.

Both eco-friendly, 100% recyclable materials allowing for plenty of customisation and which reinforce the brand’s visual identity.

In addition to the stand’s modular walls, we also created the furniture for Vetpartners including the counter, support bench and lounge, which featured the Linea armchairs and Boomerang occasional table by materieunite.

To illuminate the stand, we inserted yellow-coloured LED tubes in the side walls, clamp lamps to light up the information panels, and a floor lamp in wood and aluminium.

And if the stand needs to be used in a different context, a graphic restyling is all it takes with the integration of optional extras or a change of furniture.

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