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Modular stand for Hiro Robotics

For Hiro Robotics' participation in Ecomondo 2023 we designed and created a modular cardboard stand with great visual impact, capable of narrating the visual identity of the brand and engaging the public in a 28 square meter exhibition space.

Hiro Robotics
Ecomondo Rimini

The synergy between Materiaunite and Hiro Robotics is based on sharing an innovative vision on the circular economy supported by young people and Italians. Hiro Robotics was created to revolutionize the recycling industry, thanks to the development of robotic systems for the treatment of WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Participation in Ecomondo, the fair for the ecological transition which in the 2023 edition took place in the Rimini Exhibition Center in November, opens the two companies to the opportunity to enter the world of design and sustainability by interfacing with other national and international players .

The concept Want to see beyond the glitch? shows how beyond the complexity of e-waste recycling, there is the solution of using new technologies making this process advantageous both for plant managers and on a large environmental and social scale.

The collaboration between Hiro Robotics and materiaunite also gave rise to the Want to see beyond the paper? declination to provide food for thought on paper and cardboard as materials to be used in trade fair contexts and events.

We worked alongside the Hiro Robotics team to adapt the brand’s visual identity into a physical space. The graphic concept of the presence at the fair was developed in collaboration with the customer, making available the extensive skills acquired by the materialiunite team in the world of visual design.

The result is a stand with great visual impact and minimal shapes, which integrates graphics and prints on the walls of the exhibition to support the communication of the concept and the project itself.

The materials chosen to design the stand were gray Linoleum® and black cardboard, in order to highlight the strong visual identity of Hiro Robotics and at the same time make the brand’s commitment to more sustainable design concrete. Cardboard and Linoleum® are in fact of natural origin and 100% recyclable, thus reducing the environmental impact of the exhibition setting to a minimum.

The 7×4 meter stand is made up of modular walls and four custom-designed displays.

The four exhibitors welcome:

— scale models of the machinery used by Hiro
— a demo station that incorporates computers, lights and cameras to recognize the components of the electronic boards to be dismantled thanks to photographic vision and artificial intelligence
— the robotic arm engineered by Hiro for dismantling electronic waste, the aim of which is to reduce the risk of accidents and safeguard the safety of operators
— a cathode ray tube television, as an example of WEEE, used as a screen to display brand videos

Furthermore, the setup includes, as is often necessary at fairs, a corner with a hidden space for storing exhibitors’ material.

For Hiro Robotics, participation in Ecomondo is a starting point: the installation created for this occasion will be brought to other events to tell the story of the brand in other contexts. For this reason, we have designed a modular stand that is easy to assemble and dismantle even independently, after the training that took place in the field in the days preceding the inauguration of the fair.

The possibility of dismantling walls and exhibitors, flattening the cardboard modules, a light and compactible material, allows the setup to be reduced in volume in storage, lowering transport costs and the space occupied in the warehouse.

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