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Sketchin at IxD23. Design and Sustainability “For Futures”.

The installation of Sketchin at IxD23 harmonizes design and sustainability, supporting the studio in its mission of "Design for futures". The materials used such as cardboard, aluminum, Green Cast®, and Linoleum® are 100% recyclable.

design and sustainability for SKetchin installation

Starting from the concept devised by Sketchin, materieunite engineered and produced the setup for the presence of the Swiss design studio at Interaction Week 2023, the week dedicated to Interaction Design.

The event promoted by IxDA,the global community of people who share the same interest in Interaction Design took place from February 27th to March 3rd in the city of Zurich. The program focused on the theme ‘Design the Undefined, Undesign the Defined’, featuring various events including a three-day conference with presentations from different speakers, an Education Summit, and a series of practical workshops conducted by industry professionals.

eco-friendly setup
eco-friendly installation constructed from recycled and recyclable materials

A single block, scaled at different heights, where geometric volumes take center stage and straight lines define the contours.

As the official partner of the sixteenth edition of the event, Sketchin chose to present itself at the location with a contemporary and innovative setup that combines design and sustainability.

The structure attracts visitors by welcoming them into a composite space characterized by distinct geometries. Full and empty spaces alternate to give dynamism to the setup, while lightening its aesthetic impact.

The most important interaction takes place inside the booth: a trapezoidal prism-shaped environment, supported by the aluminum frame, reveals Sketchin’s intentions, illustrating the concept of ‘Design over time’.

The honeycomb cardboard panels cover the setup and also provide support for company-related information, imprinted on the material through direct UV printing.

Outside the booth, the sides of the prism create space for two new exhibition areas where the supporting surfaces, covered with a Green Cast® acrylic sheet, are suitable for consulting informational material and displaying gadgets.

With its modern design, the setup reflects the innovative character of the company. The geometries that compose it offer visitors a space-time dimension projected towards the future, in which Sketchin positions itself as an advocate of ‘Design for futures’ in line with contemporary needs.

eco-design setup
design e sostenibilità per l'allestimento di Sketchin IxD23

· 95% fully recyclable recycled cardboard.

· 3% aluminum.

· 1% Green Cast® (100% recycled acrylic).

· Linoleum® 100% natural flooring.

· LED lighting.

All materials used for the construction of the setup meet environmental sustainability criteria.

Cardboard, the absolute protagonist of materieunite projects, fills the surfaces of the structure, leaving space for Green Cast® acrylic sheets to provide color and transparency to the entire setup.

LED lighting is integrated into the structure. The flooring is made of 100% natural Linoleum®.

eco-design installation

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