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Officina Dei Saponi Stand

A custom-designed exhibition stand that maximises the available space and adds value to the client’s products. The modular wall transforms the space into a customised, structured and harmonious exhibition stand.

Officina dei Saponi
Sana Bologna

The installation as a continuum of forms in space.

The modular wall designed for the Officina dei Saponi stand at Sana 2021 in Bologna creates a custom, structured and harmonious exhibition space.

The installation takes on the challenge of designing a tailored exhibition stand in a limited space that makes the most of the available surfaces and enhances the client’s products.

Hence we decided to develop a modular wall designed to be a vertical display element.

The wall is made up of cardboard modules assembled by means of diagonal cuts allowing them to be fitted together.

Made from a panel with a honeycomb core in corrugated cardboard, they are finished on both sides with two sheets of cardboard. An eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, fireproof and moisture-resistant material.

Its strength and lightness make it perfect for creating both temporary and permanent installations.

Elements made with this type of cardboard are sturdy and durable but also lightweight, especially if compared to other materials normally used in the furniture industry.

They can be customised with UV direct printing, or in this case, folded with 45° cuts and creases. This technique enabled us to effectively create the angles characterising the entire installation.

The shelves transform the modular, self-supporting wall into a support surface, requiring no additional material.

One of our primary aims was to reduce waste by optimising the amount of material used. By cutting part of the cardboard panel, we were able to create shelves on which to place the products on display. We then inserted coloured sheets behind the open part as a reference to the colours used for the stand’s signage.

For the lighting, we decided to place spotlights concealed inside the wall, aiming the light directly onto the products and thus further enhancing their display.

Moving on to the rest of the stand, we find the counter in honeycomb cardboard. Here, we chose to create a large, curved surface covered with a layer of Linoleum® Black Etrusco. Thanks to the Linoleum®, we were able to solve the problem of the grease stains left by the cosmetic products.

The forms making up the bottom part of the counter mimic the geometry of the modular wall to create a visual link between the various elements of the stand. They also serve to hide the rear space used to store important materials, an essential part of any exhibition stand.

To complete the stand, we also inserted another functional and practical furniture item for client meetings: the high, round table that creates a handy support and display surface.

For this project, we sought to maximise the available space, giving life to a custom, dynamic and efficient exhibition stand.

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