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Naturasì Lounge Area

materieunite for Naturasì. The eco-friendly lounge area developed for the stand at Sana 2021 allowed this organic supermarket chain to strengthen its brand identity and build a natural and recognisable connection between the exhibition space and the visitor.

Sana Bologna
Lounge for naturasì

materieunite created the lounge area for the Naturasì stand, giving life to a practical and design-oriented space in keeping with the company’s sustainable vision.

The collaboration with the Naturasì organic supermarket chain for its exhibition stand at Sana 2021 stems from a shared ambition to propose an installation design inspired by the concept of environmental sustainability.

We developed a completely eco-friendly lounge using two armchairs from the “Linea” series and the “Boomerang” occasional table by materieunite.

A space that invites customers to stop and take the time to get to know the brand first-hand.

Lounge for naturasì

The materials chosen for the furniture elements are among our favourites: cardboard for the structure and Linoleum® for the covering.

Both produced by Italian companies, the materials effectively meet the requirements of environmental sustainability.

Giordano Bui’s Honeycomb cardboard differs from standard panels by way of its composition, being both resistant and lightweight. It consists of a honeycomb core in corrugated cardboard finished on both sides with two sheets of cardboard. An eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, fireproof and moisture-resistant material.

For the Linoleum®, we chose that produced by Tarkett Italia, a leading company in innovative and eco-friendly flooring solutions, and also our “neighbour”. It is by far the material that best meets our needs. It is natural, fully recyclable and zero-km, thanks to one of the most virtuous industrial processes in the world. It can be customised with different graphics and colours thanks to UV direct printing.

The “Boomerang” occasional table, which recalls that of Nogouchi produced by Herman Miller in the 1950s, re-proposes the intersection of free forms, searching for a new balance.

The “Linea” armchair, which is both ergonomic and easy to assemble, makes portability its calling card. It can be taken apart and put back together again in a different location, occupying very little space for shipment.

Lounge for naturasì

materieunite for Naturasì. A connection that promotes consistency between the brand identity and exhibition space.

Creating this type of connection is undoubtedly a great opportunity to promote products that support an eco-friendly lifestyle, in favour of an increasingly circular economy.

Just as a natural ecosystem is very wisely regulated by its own higher consciousness, an economic organism must likewise be regulated by a consciousness of common values among humans, states the Naturasì manifesto.

And this is precisely the basis of this successful collaboration. The materieunite approach shares a common path towards all-encompassing sustainability that covers all aspects of both production and consumption.

Naturasì decided to exhibit at Sana 2021 not only to present its own selection of organic and natural products, but also to advocate for a sustainable economy that cares for the spaces where its customers live.

Setting up a space with eco-design elements such as those proposed by materieunite means transforming one’s mission into something tangible and cementing one’s identity as a green company. It also contributes to the brand’s credibility and consumer recognition.

For materieunite, the collaboration with Naturasì was an opportunity to demonstrate the possibility to create eco-friendly design-oriented spaces able to forge a natural and recognisable connection between the exhibition and the visitor.

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