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ICE Pharma at CPHI Barcelona 2023

A minimalist design open space, entirely constructed from recyclable honeycomb cardboard and 100% recyclable Linoleum. The ICE Pharma booth at CPHI Barcelona 2023 tells a story of an eco-design project that aims to highlight the innovative and avant-garde character of the brand.

ICE Pharma
CPHI Barcelona 2023
stand ICE Pharma
Ice Pharma booth made of honeycomb cardboard.

The exhibition booth designed by materieunite for ICE Pharma at the CPHI Barcelona 2023 event translates the brand’s identity into a minimalist open space, highlighting its innovative and avant-garde character.

Forme, colori, materiali e luci si uniscono per creare un ambiente armonico, polifunzionale — gestito da regole progettuali basate su principi etici e di design.

Model of the ICE Pharma booth at CPHI Barcelona 2023
Ice Pharma booth made of honeycomb cardboard.
view from above of the cardboard stand for ICE Pharma

The booth is, in fact, exclusively constructed with eco-sustainable materials – honeycomb cardboard and Linoleum® – 100% recyclable.

But not only that. The entire life cycle of the setup is designed to be environmentally sustainable, from its conception, design, production, and shipping, all the way to its use and disposal, or reuse.

An approach to exhibition not merely as a standalone experience but as part of a broader continuum that signifies a brand’s responsible commitment to sustainable choices and strategies.

Assembling the ICE Pharma trade show booth at CPHI Barcelona 2023.

From an aesthetic point of view, the stand is characterized by clean lines and light tones that radiate a light, innovative air.

The sensation is that of a simple, minimal space, with attention to detail through the geometries of the volumes that sit within the space.

The main structure positioned in the center of the booth is self-supporting and rises through the repeated composition of a polygonal module that reflects the ICE Pharma logo, thus providing a memorable and recognizable characterization of the booth. Manually interlocking uprights one by one, the modules identify and characterize the stand, making it immediately recognizable and memorable in the eyes of visitors.

It is precisely through this composition that the various spaces defining the exhibition booth are formed, each with its own distinct function. Three areas are designated for interacting with visitors one of which is open and immediately accessible, while the other two, established along the perimeter of the modular structure, are reserved for private meetings. There is also a storage area with shelves and coat hangers, and a reception/welcome desk with integrated shelving.

sustainable booth made with cardboard for ICE Pharma

108 square meters of setup entirely made from honeycomb cardboard and Linoleum®

An overhead view of the ICE Pharma trade show booth made of honeycomb cardboard.
Meeting room in the ICE Pharma trade show booth

Cardboard is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material,composed of 80% recycled paper pulp and the remaining 20% from virgin fibers sourced from sustainably managed forests, with one of the most environmentally sustainable supply chains.This is achieved through a recycling process that significantly reduces both the extraction of virgin raw materials and the CO2 emissions otherwise required for the production of new material.

It is durable, lightweight, and highly customizable, features that make it ideal for constructing aesthetically impactful design setups.

Linoleum®, used to cover the surfaces, is a 100% natural and recyclable material, composed of linseed oil, wood flour, cork flour, and colored pigments rolled onto a natural jute fabric.

The Linoleum® chosen by materieunite for the setup is produced in Umbria, by Tarkett — a global leader in innovative and eco-sustainable flooring solutions. It perfectly embodies the company’s sustainable choices with its local sourcing and complete recyclability. Linoleum® provides structural strength to flexible components and resistance to wear and external agents.

Table with chairs made of honeycomb cardboard for the ICE Pharma trade show booth.

Optimization of the executive designs to utilize the waste generated during the production phase.

detail of the booth for ICE Pharma
Tables and seating for the ICE Pharma trade show booth.

n addition to the choice of recyclable materials that allow for the complete recycling of the setup, materieunite has developed a solution that makes the ICE Pharma booth project even more sustainable.

Starting from the issue of material waste generated during production, the project involves using these materials to create functional furnishing elements for the exhibition, such as tables and seating.

Thanks to the optimization of the executive design for cutting the cardboard panels needed for the construction of the setup, usable material was obtained for the creation of new forms that would otherwise have been discarded in dedicated containers for recycling.

This way, the ICE Pharma booth project becomes even more environmentally sustainable by not only incorporating recycling of the booth but also a reduction in waste generated during production. It exemplifies a more virtuous approach to sustainability.

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