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Fercam Exhibition Stand

At the Green Logistics Expo, FERCAM presents an environmentally sustainable exhibition stand made of reused materials. The space was fitted out with wooden furniture and cardboard display panels: a choice that goes hand in hand with the company mission.

Padova, Italia
cardboard panels for exhibition stands

The FERCAM exhibition stand for the Green Logistics Expo – the Sustainable Logistics Exhibition held from 5th to 7th October at Fiera di Padova – is the result of an interdependent collaboration between two companies sharing the same sustainable vision: FERCAM Echo Labs, Laboratorio Linfa and materieunite.

The former is a non-profit social enterprise of the FERCAM Group, established with the aim of promoting and supporting social and environmental responsibility by creating networks and synergies with its partners’ CSR programs. FERCAM Echo Labs is in fact committed to developing effective and scalable projects to do with the circular economy, sustainable consumption, environmental protection, personal welfare and inclusion.

Laboratorio Linfa e materieunite, le due aziende partner per la realizzazione dello stand, si inseriscono nel progetto come artefici di un modello di economia circolare che interessa la produzione di arredi ed allestimenti espositivi interamente costruiti con materiali di recupero, riciclati e riciclabili.

Fercam exhibition stand
cardboard displays

The decision to build a stand with cuttings, recycled or reused materials – in addition to being a praiseworthy ethical choice – in the case of the FERCAM stand was also an indication of the company’s genuine commitment to its mission.

The exhibition stand successfully reflects the commitment to sustainability of the FERCAM Echo Labs project, inviting visitors into an organic space that combines reclaimed wood and cardboard in an auspicious encounter between different realities.

The counter, seats, support tables and planters were made by the eco-woodworkers of Echo Labs directed by Laboratorio Linfa; they are made of reclaimed wood from disposable packaging used to transport goods, otherwise destined for downcycling (i.e. chipboard production) or landfill.

The display panels placed around the perimeter of the stand were produced by materieunite, made of 100% recycled and recyclable sand-coloured honeycomb cardboard.

They are secured to the benches with the fabric straps normally used by FERCAM to tie down goods during transport. An analogue assemblage once more bringing wood and cardboard together, using a recyclable product readily available to the company.

The display solution developed by materieunite plays on the combination of materials and establishes a harmonious connection between the structures, combining visual appeal and functionality.

The displays in honeycomb cardboard tie in with the wooden furniture, offering a suitable vertical support to showcase the visual contents offered by FERCAM. The light-coloured and natural shades of the materials blend seamlessly together, while photos and images – accentuated by a LED lighting system – tell of the company’s values, past projects and future commitments. The cardboard panels also incorporate a TV, which is placed in the stand to show multimedia content.

The storage compartment, similarly made entirely of cardboard, is located inside the stand to provide a location in which to store helpful materials and personal effects.

The flameproof, lightweight, customisable and eco-friendly cardboard thus proves to be an ideal material for creating functional display elements that can be readily integrated into the stand, thus maximising the trade show experience.

cardboard display panels

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