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Analogue/Digital at the heart of the workshop organised for Torino Digital Days: restoring value to matter as a medium for a digital process.

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Analogue/Digital. The pivotal duo for the workshop organised for Torino Digital Days.

The growing trend towards miniaturisation of physical devices in the digital age is inversely related to the memory and functional capacity they are able to support.

The exact opposite can be said for the size of screens, which serve as the primary output interface for users. This standardisation of physical interface supports inevitably translates into a very limited number of gestures that can be used to control them.

The aim of the workshop was to restore value to matter as a medium for digital processes. To make it an input and output interface, leaving the digital to handle the translation between the two.

Sustainable materials will be used in both the production and recovery or re-use process. We develop prototypes of tools or environments with physical/analogue digitally elaborated interaction, resulting in hybrid outputs between digital processes and material responses.

The workshop was developed in two stages: one to process the inputs provided by our designers, and a second, more performative stage in collaboration with Simone Giovo and Giorgio Sandrone (producers and sound designers from Turin).

In the first stage, workshop participants explored the basic geometries of the animated videos supplied. These were created in a 16:9 grid and suggested movement dynamics.

Once the videos to be processed were chosen, each participant designed a series of analogue animations to be made during the performative stage using a corrugated cardboard sheet imprinted with a 16:9 grid.

Simone and Giorgio developed an ad hoc program that measured the amount of colour in the projected scene and modulated the sound it generated.

The “masks” devised and constructed by the participants and used as physical/analogue projection filters, made the generation of sound directly related to the projected image, unique.

What was the result? Image and sound modulation tools born in the digital world and processed in the analogue world, define a synaesthetic performative experience.

Ph. Credit Alberto Chiariglione

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