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Bottega della Barba Stand

The aim of the modular stand designed for Sana 2021 is to offer an eco-friendly solution with shorter-than-usual delivery times. Its modules allow two different types of assembly to create an exhibition stand that can be completely adapted to the needs of the client.

Bottega della Barba
Sana Bologna
eco-friendly exhibition stand

Experimenting with the potential of simple forms. Designing with a creative spirit.

The Bottega della Barba stand for Sana 2021 is a modular solution built literally piece by piece, fitting the cardboard shapes together like building blocks.

The material chosen for this project is double-walled cardboard, largely used in the packaging and shipping sector to produce boxes used to transport goods, thanks to its characteristics of strength, rigidity and cost-effectiveness.

modular exhibition stand

The ready availability of this material, combined with a modular design, allows us to rapidly build a creative exhibition space that is both practical and functional, in full compliance with environmental sustainability guidelines.

In our case, double-walled cardboard is perfect for building temporary installations commissioned by clients with particular time constraints.

This might be the case, for example, for an event organised just a few days in advance, or a company that makes a last-minute decision to exhibit at a trade show.

Based on the available exhibition space, we calculate the number of modules needed, produce them in-house and then send them directly on-site where they can be easily assembled, even by non-expert hands.

The stand fits into the Sana 2021 exhibition context as if it were a stage, an almost theatrical production in which the products on display are the lead performers. The cardboard structure serves as a backdrop, and the backstage is concealed by protruding pieces on the structure’s two ends, creating ideal storage spaces for non-displayed material, personal effects and more.

Each module has two incisions on the ends designed to offer two alternate assembly possibilities. The client can opt for a more compact and tightly packed layout, with a greater density of modules mounted on the inner cut, or otherwise a lighter, more spatially oriented structure.

For this stand, we also designed the Linoleum® flooring, creating geometric shapes with pattern-like repetition, creating a visual link with the stand design.

The Linoleum® we chose is produced by Tarkett Italia, a world leader in innovative and eco-friendly flooring solutions. It is a recyclable material perfectly compatible with the creation of customised surfaces.

cardboard exhibition stand

The stand is completely eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and reusable in other contexts thanks to its modular nature.

This project largely confirms our sustainability goals. The only waste generated during production are cardboard cuttings, which, once collected in designated containers, can be recycled and re-introduced into the production cycle.

The stand is shipped from our headquarters to the exhibition space in a flat format, that is, a pallet with the modules stacked on top, before being assembled directly on-site. This enables us to optimise shipping volumes. Transportation is thus significantly cheaper, and also produces less CO2 emissions.

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