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Tabula Rasa Visual Arts Festival 2022

The “CLOU - Urban Catalyst” display explores the central theme of the Tabula Rasa Visual Arts Festival 2022, developing the concept of the urban catalyst. The cardboard structures become urban objects capable of creating exciting spaces to be further explored in an effort to stimulate new reflections on the role of Architecture in the city and its relationship with the outside world.

Tabula Rasa Visual Arts Festival
Civitanova Marche

For the second year running, materieunite returns to the Tabula Rasa Visual Arts Festival in Civitanova Marche – an event dedicated to the promotion of visual arts through dialogue with urban space.

“TRVAF22, just like Vedo a Colori-Museo d’Arte Urbana, doesn’t simply describe a calendar of events or a list of prestigious guests, but rather tells a story, a cultural narration, a declaration of love for this city through the visual arts that have forever been at the heart of my research”, explains artistic director Giulio Vesprini.

Tabula Expo – “CLOU – Urban Catalyst” exhibition

Over the three days of the festival, the space in Palazzina Sud at Lido Cluana was used to display one of the Tabula Expo exhibitions.

Created by Library Illustrazioni in collaboration with Tabula Rasa Visual Arts Festival and produced by materieunite, the “CLOU – Urban Catalyst” explores the main theme of the festival, developing the concept of the urban catalyst.

The idea is to investigate objects that create exciting spaces, generating future projections, which, through an open and dynamic process, offer new visions and strategies for the implementation of a given space. These objects are the catalysts whose power intervenes in, and thus modifies, the urban space.

The display, which makes use of architectural structures and temporary objects, aims to provoke a new reflection on the role of Architecture in the city and its relationship with the outside world.

The two structures we created for the installation in this space represent the catalysts.

The main feature is a hexagonal prism representing the agorà, the main square and heart of the city’s activity. A selection of the various illustrations submitted for the contest are on display inside the structure. The participants were invited to interpret their personal view of an urban catalyst through more or less abstract visual forms.

The second structure is a small cylinder which distracts the viewer’s attention from the primary feature. It is called a “confessional” and is only big enough for one person. There are no works on display, just a blue lamp and alternating sounds portraying various aspects of city life.

Two structures that arouse curiosity and which conceal new dimensions to be explored with the senses.

The representation of an urban object is transformed into a display element.

Eco-friendly structures in support of the art-space connection.

The installation is made with recycled, recyclable and biodegradable cardboard tubes. They form self-supporting structures that can easily be dismantled and re-assembled in new contexts.

Environmental sustainability is a recurring theme of the Tabula Rasa Visual Art Festival. In fact, as in the first edition, the exhibition spaces were designed with a view to recycling the structures, ensuring circularity and minimising the environmental impact.

A solution that strengthens the connection between visual art and urban space while promoting a sustainable approach and the continuous renewal of resources.

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