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Biodiversity Scape

The architectural and multimedia installation Biodiversity Scape immerses visitors in a unique experience to discover biodiversity. The honeycomb-shaped structure made of corrugated cardboard houses the video installation, which, like a finger pointing at a world map, tells the story of the importance of biodiversity and the ecosystem as a whole.

honeycomb cardboard installation

Biodiversity Scape is the installation designed and created for 3Bee on the occasion of the launch of Element-E, the new Environmental Engineering platform created by the climate tech company. It allows agri-food companies to calculate a quantitative biodiversity index and obtain a transparent and measurable certification to include in their sustainability reports.

honeycomb cardboard installation
video installation biodiversity scape
installation biodiversity scape

The installation aims to immerse visitors in a journey of discovery about biodiversity, which is the central theme of the project developed by 3Bee.

It is the result of the synergy between architectural and multimedia design, creating an exhibition space where visitors can explore the exhibition’s theme up close.

The installation promises an immersive experience: an architectural structure shaped like a beehive serves as a nest, housing the video installation projected inside. It showcases human actions and pollinators in different contexts as bioindicators of ecosystem health.

Visitors go beyond the perimeter of the artwork and enter a dark space where all attention is focused on the video mapping projected on the surface of the central table. Simple and captivating, the installation engages visitors from all angles and incorporates a sound environment characterized by sounds that reproduce different ecosystems, providing a unique and enveloping audiovisual experience.

interior of the honeycomb cardboard architectural installation

The architectural installation.

The architectural installation is defined in space through a modular structure made of corrugated cardboard. The project, realized by materieunite, follows a parametric logic that draws proportions from the dome of the Roman Pantheon to create the new architecture. It is built module by module, like a game of balance and interlocking.

Its purpose is to attract visitors’ attention and invite them to enter. The structure also supports the video installation by providing shading and absorbing sound. This way, viewers are fully enveloped in the surrounding space, immersing themselves completely in the multimedia experience.

detail of honeycomb cardboard installation
walls of the biodiversity scape architectural installation

The architectural installation is self-supporting, easy to assemble, and can be reconstructed infinitely. Once dismantled, it can be 100% recycled.

In its first exhibition at 3Bee’s trade show booth at Apimell 2023, the architecture interacts coherently with the context: the volume follows the same modular sequence as the booth’s walls, integrating perfectly with the exhibition space.

Later installed during 3Bee’s presence at Vinitaly 2023 in a smaller area, the installation becomes the absolute protagonist of the scene, creating an additional space within the booth.

video installation on biodiversity

The video installation: a journey to discover biodiversity.

Biodiversity Scape is designed to offer an exciting exploration of the theme of biodiversity through a continuously updated radar that moves on the screen, like a finger pointing at a world map.

The combination of metaphorical visual representation of territories and evocative music from each habitat creates a symphony of ecosystem connections, showing the important role of pollinators as bioindicators of environmental health.

A circular multimedia table, constructed with corrugated cardboard and frosted glass, becomes an atlas and a constantly updated radar of biodiversity movement, transmitting 3Bee’s technological and scientific know-how through five levels of information.

At the center, satellite maps are located, serving as a starting point for the scenarios profiled on the rest of the surface. Every 40 seconds, the focus on the map changes, and the radar reloads, altering the information on the outside. The habitats change, defined by ecosystems and communities that represent the ecology of the area, such as flora and tree species.

Guiding lines on the surface highlight the actions of species and pollinators, while a transverse line describes different phenomena related to climate change. On the outermost circumference, evocative phrases about biodiversity and the activities and products developed by 3Bee are reproduced.

video installation on biodiversity


Commissioned by: 3Bee

Concept and Artistic Direction: Aureliano Capri

Video Production: Aureliano Capri

Original Music: Sergio Bachelet

Scientific Consultancy: 3Bee

Technological Design: materieunite, Aureliano Capri

Exhibition Design: materieunite

installation biodiversity scape

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