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3Bee Modular Stand

The 3Bee modular stand is an eco-design project that combines technology, sustainability, innovation, biodiversity, and education. It can be reused multiple times in different fairs and exhibition spaces and is 100% recyclable.

modular eco-design stand for 3Bee

The 3Bee modular stand at Apimell 2023.

Eco-design serving biodiversity.

cardboard dome for modular stand
cardboard trade fair display stand

3Bee has chosen materieunite for the design and realization of the exhibition stand at Apimell 2023 – the International Trade Fair dedicated to beekeeping that takes place every year in the city of Piacenza – confirming an operating mode that embraces environmental sustainability in its entirety.

3Bee is indeed an agri-tech company and startup that develops intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bee health. The solutions offered by the company allow listening to the needs of these small and important animals and intervene when they are not well, in order to protect their survival and safeguard the biodiversity of our planet.

In addition to this, the company carries out related projects for the adoption of beehives, the repopulation of nectar-bearing trees, and raising awareness among schools and companies on the subject of biodiversity.

For its presence at Apimell 2023, the company has decided to create a modular exhibition stand made entirely of honeycomb cardboard, sustainable because it reduces waste, reusable, and 100% recyclable, and optimized for transportation.

The setup showcases the five key themes that characterize the brand: technology, sustainability, biodiversity, innovation, and education, synthesizing them into an exhibition compendium that perfectly highlights the brand’s identity.

modular eco-design stand

The dome as a catalyst element of the exhibition stand.

The exhibition space is organized into three different environments: two lateral ones, designed for meeting potential customers, and one central one, with a beehive-shaped structure, custom-designed for the projection of a multimedia experience.

The dome of the structure, in addition to providing a suitable dark environment for the projection, attracts the attention of visitors, becoming a catalyst element within the trade fair context. The encounter with the brand is driven by curiosity, the desire to know what is hidden inside, and thus discover the world of 3Bee up close.

The shape of the dome recalls that of the Roman Pantheon, adapting the original geometry in proportions. The structure can be easily assembled by interlocking the modules without the need for special tools.

cardboard trade fair installation

Once the multimedia experience is finished, the exhibition path continues towards the other two areas, which serve the direct knowledge of the products offered by the company, positioned on honeycomb cardboard displays, and the meeting with company representatives.

For this purpose, we have designed and created a lounge area in honeycomb cardboard and Linoleum®, composed of the Boomerang table and Agnesi armchairs – a new design product by materieunite that takes inspiration from the curve designed in 1748 by Maria Gaetana Agnesi.

cardboard lounge for exhibition stand

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